Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday July 20, 2014


This week was our last full week of the program here in Brest. Although we did not have any excursions, it was a week full of planning and celebrating the end of many things.

The students had their last classes on Thursday. As we took their pictures on the first day of classes, we also took their pictures on the last day of classes. Here are the photos:

The White Group

The Red Group

The Blue Group

This week the students prepared desserts for a dessert competition. After lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students presented the desserts that they made with their families. Students and instructors tasted all of the desserts. Everyone had a lovely time and it was especially nice to hear what the students did to prepare each dessert.

The students also put themselves into small groups and began planning their excursion time in Paris. Each group was given a map and told to decide on which places they wanted to see. This was an exercise in planning and compromise for the students. Each group will be accompanied by an instructor for their free time in Paris. There are also many museums and other sites which the entire group of stagiaires will see together.

On Friday, instead of having class, the entire group watched a film together. The film is called Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, which is about a man from the south of France who is transferred to the northern region of France. It is a comedy about the regional and dialectical differences found in France. The students really liked the film and laughed at all of the silly jokes and slapstick in the film. 

Students also rehearsed for the Farewell Show which will take place on Tuesday, July 22nd. This is always a really nice event for the students and their host families. We have a group of students with a lot of different talents. It is sure to be a wonderful event. The show will be followed by a dinner at L'Aile for the students and their families.

Although this is the last full week of the program here in Brest, I will try to make a brief post on Wednesday as we are packing up to leave. I will have photos and other information about the Farewell Show.

Thanks for reading, until next time!!

Team Brest

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