Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13th

July 13, 2014

This week we had our final local excursion to Point du Pen-hir, Camaret-sur-mer and Quimper. The students really enjoyed each location and wished, especially at Point du Pen-hir, that they could stay all day. The weather was really nice and they were all able to get a lot of good pictures. Although, the pictures do not really do it justice.

The students are in preparation for the Farewell Show which will take place Tuesday, July 22nd. The student will sing, dance, play instruments, and perform plays and sketches. We have a very musically talented group of students and we are sure that all of the families will be impressed with their efforts and talents.

The students have also written articles which will be included in a journal that will be given as a gift to their host parents. The students and their American families will also be given a copy of this journal after we have come back to the US.

On Friday evening, the students and their host families went bowling. This was a really great activity where students, families and friends played together and enjoyed socializing together. There are a few students who are particularly good at bowling. The professors….not so much. But, we all had a lovely time together.

Tomorrow (July 14) is La FĂȘte Nationale here in France, so the students have the day off. They will spend the day with their families. Tonight (July 13), there is a fireworks show at the port. We will try to update the blog with photos of the fireworks show, if possible.
Until next week!

Team Brest

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