Thursday, May 15, 2014

Information about mp3 players and cameras while abroad

Chers Stagiaires,

Many of you have asked about what sorts of mp3 players and cameras you are permitted to bring with you on the program. In short, as long as your music player does not have access to the internet, you may bring it with you. A list of suggested French songs will be posted to the program blog, if you wish to download new French music before leaving for the program.

iPods are fine because they are music players only (and don’t access the internet)—but iPod touches are not. The Honor Code ( explicitly states that iPod touches are NOT allowed.

As for keeping the smart phones for a camera—the Honor Code also explicitly states that smart phones cannot be used as cameras. The reason for this is that we would like to encourage students to engage and interact with their host families and other stagiaires and do not want students to be tempted to use their phones in an unauthorized way (playing games, using apps or other programs when you are limited to 1 hour of internet access a week). Please make arrangements to take pictures or document your experience abroad with a device other than your phone.
We cannot make exceptions to these technological limitations. Remember, these limitations serve a purpose and are intended to aid you in immersing yourself in another culture without distractions from your life in the United States.
If you have any questions, please let us know by contacting either the instructors or by emailing us at
Thank you,
Team Brest

French songs that you may like!

The following is a list of songs that you may like to download before the program begins:

Charles Aznavour - La bohème
Daniel Balavoine- L’Aziza
Daniel Balavoine - Le Chanteur
Daniel Balavoine - Banlieue Nord
Julien Clerc - Quand je joue
Julien Clerc - Femmes, Je vous aime
Claude François  - Alexandrie Alexandra
Diams – Ma France à moi
Diams – Jeune Demoiselle
Diams – La Boulette
Diams - DJ
Edith Piaf – La Marseillaise
Edith Piaf – La Vie en rose
Edith Piaf – Non, je ne regrette rien
Patrick Bruel – J’te mentirais
Pascal Obispo & Natasha St. Pier – Mourir Demain
Natasha St-Pier - Tu trouveras           
Dalida – Laissez-moi Danser
William Baldé - Un Rayon de soleil
Notre Dame de Paris – Belle
Notre Dame de Paris -  Beau comme le soleil
Notre Dame de Paris - Le Temps des cathédrales
Notre Dame de Paris - Les Sans Papiers
Louise Attaque –  J’t’emmène au vent
Olivia Ruiz –  J’traine des pieds
Olivia Ruiz - La Femme chocolat
Yelle – À cause des garçons
BB Brunes - Dis-moi
Stromae - Papaoutai
Stromae - Alors, on danse      
Superbus – Butterfly
Superbus - Addictions                                               
Aldebert – Amoureuse
Tryo - Sortez-les                                                         
Tryo - Désolé pour hier soir                                       
Tryo - L’hymne de nos campagnes                            
Pauline - Allô le monde                                             
Grégoire - Ami intime                                                
Calogero - Aussi libre que moi                                   
Ben Ricour - Je me réveille                                        
Noir Désir - Le vent nous portera                              
Christophe Maë - Belle demoiselle
Christophe Maë – On s’attache         
Camille - Ta douleur                                                  
Grégory Lemarchal - De temps en temps
Indochine - Alice et June                                           
Indochine - J’ai demandé à la lune                            
Indochine - Le grand secret                                       
Mauss & Charlie - Je recherche                                  
KYO feat. Sita - Le chemin                                       
M - Je dis Aime                                                          
M - Ma mélodie
M – En Tête à tête
M – Les Triplettes de Belleville
DJ Xela - Ah si j’étais riche                                       
Marc Antoine - Tant besoin de toi                             
Zazie - Zen                                                                 
Zazie - Je suis un homme
Serge Gainsbourg - Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais
TITOM - La réussite
Jali - Des ailes
Jali - Mon Paris
Zaz - Je veux