Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IUHPFL Brest Fete des familles in the newspaper

We had the good fortune of being featured as the Photo du jour one last time in Le Telegramme, a local newspaper in Brest. The Photo du jour is from July 24th.

If you are having trouble viewing this link, you can subscribe for free to three articles a month for Le Telegramme and you can also view the archives.

The students were featured in Le Telegramme on July 24th (for La Fete des familles), July 5th (for the Independence Day Ceremony) and June 24th (for the reception at the Mayor's Office).


Team Brest

Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Since last week, we were unable to post a photo to the blog. We didn't want to forget our last stagiaire birthday, which was July 23rd. Here is Caroline Tan belatedly celebrating her birthday outside of the Musee d'Orsay during our last excursion to Paris.

Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Team Brest

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd


This will be the last post from this blog. Tomorrow, we will be going to Paris at 6am. We will have a long bus ride to Paris. We plan to see the Musee d'Orsay, the Louvre, The Tour Montparnasse, Versailles, and many other things as a big group. Students will also be in smaller groups with an instructor to see many different sites around the city.

Yesterday, the students put on a Farewell Show for their host families. There were many different acts including music, dancing and sketches. Here is a list of the program from the show followed by a few photos:

Adam HUMPHREY (le piano), Alex LEDDY (la guitare), Ayanna PARDIECK (la guitare), Revati KALLURI (le violon), Hannah SCHEIB (le violon), Jack HORN (le violon), John CHEN (le saxophone), Maggie STINNETT (la clarinette), Alex SMITH   (la clarinette) -  « Viva la vida » - de Coldplay
Elena MNAYARJI  (le piano) – « Prann » - de Garry Schyman, « Comptine d’une autre » - de Yann Tiersen
Pièce de théâtre – « Tournez ménages » - des Inconnus
Hannah SCHEIB (le violon) – “Muirland Willie”, “Loch Torridon”, “A Hundred Pipers”- de Anne Witt
Adam HUMPHREY (chant) – « Ave Maria » de Schubert
La chorale – «La mer» – de Charles Trénet
La chorale – « Sympathique » - de Pink Martini
John CHEN (la danse) – « Wildfire » - de SBTRKT
Jack HORN (le violon) – « La folia » de A. Corelli
Alex SMITH (la clarinette) – « La beauté et la joie »
 - de Ed Chenette

Sketch – « Les stagiaires et les touristes » - de Bailey ROBERTS, Courteney MONROE et Alysa TARRANT
Temi OLATUNJI (le saxophone) – « Talk Dirty »
- de Jason Derulo

Joanie DUGAN (la guitare) – « Je veux y croire » - du film Raiponce
Pièce de théâtre – « La lessive Plouf » - d’Elie Kakou
Sketch – «  L’histoire de Bretagne » - de Nora KELLY, Cierra NATT

Les stagiaires (la danse bretonne) – « Pull to stop the engine »

La chorale – « La Marseillaise » - de Claude Joseph ROUGET DE LISLE

La chorale « The Star-Spangled Banner » - de Francis SCOTT KEY

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Team Brest

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday July 20, 2014


This week was our last full week of the program here in Brest. Although we did not have any excursions, it was a week full of planning and celebrating the end of many things.

The students had their last classes on Thursday. As we took their pictures on the first day of classes, we also took their pictures on the last day of classes. Here are the photos:

The White Group

The Red Group

The Blue Group

This week the students prepared desserts for a dessert competition. After lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students presented the desserts that they made with their families. Students and instructors tasted all of the desserts. Everyone had a lovely time and it was especially nice to hear what the students did to prepare each dessert.

The students also put themselves into small groups and began planning their excursion time in Paris. Each group was given a map and told to decide on which places they wanted to see. This was an exercise in planning and compromise for the students. Each group will be accompanied by an instructor for their free time in Paris. There are also many museums and other sites which the entire group of stagiaires will see together.

On Friday, instead of having class, the entire group watched a film together. The film is called Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, which is about a man from the south of France who is transferred to the northern region of France. It is a comedy about the regional and dialectical differences found in France. The students really liked the film and laughed at all of the silly jokes and slapstick in the film. 

Students also rehearsed for the Farewell Show which will take place on Tuesday, July 22nd. This is always a really nice event for the students and their host families. We have a group of students with a lot of different talents. It is sure to be a wonderful event. The show will be followed by a dinner at L'Aile for the students and their families.

Although this is the last full week of the program here in Brest, I will try to make a brief post on Wednesday as we are packing up to leave. I will have photos and other information about the Farewell Show.

Thanks for reading, until next time!!

Team Brest

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13th

July 13, 2014

This week we had our final local excursion to Point du Pen-hir, Camaret-sur-mer and Quimper. The students really enjoyed each location and wished, especially at Point du Pen-hir, that they could stay all day. The weather was really nice and they were all able to get a lot of good pictures. Although, the pictures do not really do it justice.

The students are in preparation for the Farewell Show which will take place Tuesday, July 22nd. The student will sing, dance, play instruments, and perform plays and sketches. We have a very musically talented group of students and we are sure that all of the families will be impressed with their efforts and talents.

The students have also written articles which will be included in a journal that will be given as a gift to their host parents. The students and their American families will also be given a copy of this journal after we have come back to the US.

On Friday evening, the students and their host families went bowling. This was a really great activity where students, families and friends played together and enjoyed socializing together. There are a few students who are particularly good at bowling. The professors….not so much. But, we all had a lovely time together.

Tomorrow (July 14) is La Fête Nationale here in France, so the students have the day off. They will spend the day with their families. Tonight (July 13), there is a fireworks show at the port. We will try to update the blog with photos of the fireworks show, if possible.
Until next week!

Team Brest