Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday June 22, 2014

We have completed our first full week of the program here in Brest! The weather continues to be really wonderful here. On Monday, students had their first exam and also had orientation in town. They were lead on a tour and then given clues to a scavenger hunt in order to become more familiar with downtown Brest and important landmarks including the tram station, the cinema, the port, the mayor's office, etc.

On Tuesday, students began their classes. Students were divided into three groups: Blue, White and Red. They have four classes each day: three in the morning and one in the afternoon. Here are the class photos of each group:

 White Group

Red Group

Blue Group

On Tuesday afternoon, we had our first sports day. Students go to the park on the lawn of the Chateau de Brest. This overlooks the port. It is a beautiful area. Students played soccer and frisbee. A good time was had by all.

On Wednesday, the students began choosing which activity they will participate in for the Farewell Show. This show will be the evening of July 22nd. It is a performance for the community and most especially the host families and the staff of FJT L'Aile (which is the organization that helps us host all of our receptions, provides space for student exams, provides student with lunch and is also the housing complex for the instructors).

On Thursday, the students had classes and continued afternoon activities with music and singing practice for our performance of the French and American National Anthems at the 4th of July celebration in a few weeks.

On Friday, we had our first excursion to the village of Locronan. Students got to see how they make a traditional Kouign Amann cake, which is a typical Breton dessert.

  Students all saw the cathedral and explored the village.

We then went to La Pointe du Raz. This is the farthest point West in the entire country. It was a beautiful place to have a lunch picnic and also a nice walk along the coast.

Finally, we went to the Medieval, walled city of Concarneau. Students climbed the ramparts and explored the city in groups. They also went shopping and had ice cream.

Stay Tuned next week for more updates!


Team Brest

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